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Photographing under blue light - 4 clip filters in comparison

I can still remember how we were with Theo in Belgium at the end of 2017 and were able to take pictures under blue light for the first time with a film. That was a huge difference. At Interzoo in May 2018, the first clip filter came onto the market. This came from D-D Solution. In December 2018, the ARKA MY Reef Studio came out, which is quite similar, but was offered at a slightly lower price.

Both clip filters allow much better pictures under blue light. Although they slightly override the orange and red tones, they enable much truer images than without clip filters. They do not really distort the image, but show what you see with your eyes.

Now something seems to be happening again, a clip filter 2.0, so to speak

So there is a Coral Viewer on Fishstreef for 15 dollars plus shipping, which consists of a clip filter and a colour gradient plate.

But the latest in clip filters is the so-called Eye of Horus, which Jake Adams from ReefBuilders has already presented on his site.

We took a look at all 4 filters and took some test pictures. Here you can find a small comparison of the 4 filters.





We would like to show you all 28 comparison shots in the video. Enjoy.

further links:

D-D Solution

ARKA MY Reef Studio

Fishstreet Magic Crystal Lens

You can get the Eye of Horus via Kai Friedrich via Facebook, or via Theo Reefcorner.

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