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How a marine aquarium is created Part 32: The aquarium on holiday

At the beginning of July, the holiday periods of the federal states are slowly beginning. This can sometimes be a headache, especially for newcomers. We have thought about this and put it together in a video. Maybe some of you will find the right tip in it. Have fun reading.

Vacation time:

Actually, this is a good thing, unless you always have in mind what can happen to the aquarium. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the holiday replacement means well and you are allowed to lower Po4 and No3 afterwards. Of course, there is more to holiday replacement than just feeding the fish. We have automated our tank in terms of refilling water, for example, so that we can be away for a good 12 days without running out of osmosis water. Of course, this is often not possible with the normal standard systems and their refill tanks, where there is usually only a water volume for 3-4 days.

A relevant factor here is certainly also the fish feeding. There are fish that cannot be switched to dry food (flake food, pellet food).

Just have a look at our video, we hope we have thought of most things.

Happy holidays to you all, wherever you go.

Salty greetings, Robert and Claudia


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