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A visit to Kölle Zoo in Frankfurt

Immediately after our visit to Kölle Zoo Weiterstadt, we went on to Kölle Zoo in Frankfurt. There we found the largest and I think also the most beautiful selection of corals so far, wonderful. :-)

Our road trip continues :-) After Weiterstadt we went to the Kölle Zoo in Frankfurt.


The Kölle Zoo Frankfurt informs with the following text:

The Kölle Zoo in Frankfurt was opened in May 2007 and surprises its visitors with many attractions, such as the Lottis Häppchen brand and the BARF shop for proper BARFing. A dog boutique is located in the entrance area of the detailed adventure market.

True to the motto of Kölle-Zoo - "Heart and mind for animals" - 20 employees offer competent, friendly advice and comprehensive service for everything to do with ponds, aquariums, terrariums, birds, rodents, reptiles, dogs and cats.

The Kölle-Zoo in Frankfurt is conveniently located in Frankfurt-Griesheim in the Mainzer Landstraße and is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Of course, we have also shot a video.

Video of the Kölle Zoo Frankfurt.

Here you can find a small special on aqua scaping in addition to the seawater section. Sascha Hoyer was unfortunately unable to attend himself, but was very competently represented by his colleague.

At Kölle Zoo Frankfurt there are of course many other things than just seawater as well as  the accessories for it. So here are some photos, all of which you can find in the picture gallery.

Let's start with seawater.  One of the employees there, Sascha Hoyer, recently won first place in an aqua scapping event at a trade fair in Hanover.  Like his colleague, he has an absolute knack for it, as you can see very well in the video.


And now for the seawater section :-)

I think it is very good that in all the markets we have visited so far we have found a large selection of different display aquarium systems. This gives you a good idea of the system you are considering. It is also noticeable that the personal experience of the salespeople in the markets has a great influence. Thus, different preferences are placed on products from market to market.

Here are the pictures from the seawater department. Of all the markets I have visited so far, I liked the selection of corals in Frankfurt the best, because in addition to the standard assortment of offspring, other, sometimes beautiful LPS import corals were also offered there.


What applies to every Kölle Zoo and is worth highlighting from our point of view:

1. There are free water tests there


2. There is osmosis and sea water to tap


3. Kölle Zoo prefers offspring for fish, for corals even from offspring from Germany.

4. There is a very large selection of frozen, flake and live food


5. there is a special large plant construction as well as an offer for the maintenance of aquariums


6. Kölle Zoo gives a 100-day Rückgaberecht, financing is possible, as well as a free delivery service


7. Kölle Zoo gives a best price guarantee - which means that you can come back with a printout up to 14 days after purchase and get back what you may have overpaid


8. You can book guided tours for youth groups, children's birthday parties and more.


9. Give shelter animals a 2nd chance -

Kölle-Zoo wants to contribute to the successful and permanent placement of shelter animals in new, loving homes. For this reason, Kölle-Zoo has been supporting customers who give shelter residents a new home since January 2013 with the campaign "Give animals from the shelter a new home" with a shopping voucher worth 15 euros to finance the initial furnishings for the new housemate.

10th Kölle Zoo offers a financing service



Öopening hours:

Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 20:00


Kölle-Zoo GmbH Frankfurt


Mainzer Landstraße 681
65933 Frankfurt-Griesheim

Phone: 069 / 35 35 631 - 0
Telefax: 069 / 35 35 631 - 69



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