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Opening of the new business premises at Meerwasser Bartelt

Hello seawater friends, We were once again on the road for you, this time we were invited to the opening of the online retailer Meerwasser Bartelt. The seawater aquaristics online retailer, founded in 2009, moved into new premises on 22.2.2014. We were allowed to take a look at them live.

Hello seawater friends,

we were once again on the road for you, this time we were invited to the opening of the online retailer Meerwasser Bartelt.
The marine aquatics online retailer, founded in 2009, moved into new premises on 22.2.2014. We were allowed to take a look at them live.

Of course you can get everything you need in the shop, from hardware to corals and fish.
It was very interesting to take a look behind the scenes. Because Bartelt is known to most people, I have only ever heard positive things about this online retailer, and now we were able to talk to Jörg in person.

As you are used to from us, we have of course also brought you pictures and videos. Let's get started......

Inh. Jörg Bartelt
Lohesch 47
49525 Lengerich
Fon: 05481 -9455501

As some of you have already noticed, Jörg has moved from Osnabrück to Lengerich, where he now has a 150 sqm shop and warehouse.
In addition, there is another warehouse with 200 sqm.
Since there are always a good 1900 items stored here, this expansion was the best thing that Jörg and his 3 employees could do.
Now there should be plenty of space.
So let's start with the pictures of the nice and bright shop:

As Tropic marin's official competence partner, no product is missing from this shelf.......

All well-known manufacturers can be found here....

Sangokai's products are also fully represented here......

We also had the chance to take a look at the Jebao pumps, which are currently in great demand....

The very nice and bright sales room is not only equipped with shelves full of consumables, but also with a coral plant with a total length of 15 metres. There were many beautiful animals on the day, even if not all imports arrived on time, but the animals on site were already very beautiful and there were very nice large sticks to get, especially in the SPS area.
So let's continue with the coral plant.......

So, let's continue here with the 15-metre long coral plant.....

Great coral plant, although everything is still quite fresh, but everything already looked very good.

Well, we had quite a few well-known manufacturers on site that day.

The following companies were on site:

Tropic Marin

The company ATI had a few new things here, including the first Sirius lamps, then the new ATI Fiji White Sand was presented, which is now also available in two other grain sizes, as well as the complete Jebao pump collection WP-1ß to WP-60 and the DC return pumps.
Some people were able to take a look at the new luminaires directly on site.

Here we could take a look at the X8 and an X2 in operation...

Oliver has explained everything very nicely here and just shown how much steam the lamps have....

Many thanks also to you Oliver for showing us the new products....

Although the opening was not very well advertised, it was very well attended and the beautiful SPS in the tanks quickly became fewer and fewer.....
Here are a few more impressions of the full store....

Here everything is just at the new Sirius lamps which of course attracted a lot of interest on this day...

We were also very surprised on this day that so many people knew us, the game kid Marc had to spend the whole day talking to all the people.
Many people were very interested in how we always get such great coral pictures. I was also able to help one or the other.
I was very pleased to see how many people come to read with us every day, even unannounced....

So now let's take a look at the camp......

Yes, the warehouse is filled to the ceiling with all the materials we need...
This will now be expanded even further over time, as there is another hall of 200 sqm on the site.

Pretty much every manufacturer is represented here and everything is always in stock, so orders can be shipped very quickly.

really everything your heart desires can be found here in stock.....

We have also taken the Jebao pumps apart, Oliver showed us how well the pumps are made. And yes, of course we also played with the flow pumps and your wave controller, Oliver made the 5-metre tank sway with just one pump.
But you'll get to see another video, I'm just on holiday and can't work as well here as far as video editing is concerned.

Mhhhh, you're all probably thinking, "how did he not take any pictures of corals", don't worry I did, you'll get to see them now.

Let's move on to my favourite activity, coral photography......

As always, clicking on the image enlarges it......

Soooo, that's it again, we were on the road for about 11 hours including the drive. Soooo, that was it again, we were on the road for 11 hours including the drive and countless hours for the material processing, but it was worth it.
Many thanks to Jörg and his wife and team for the nice invitation and the good care during the day.

We also enjoyed doing this, because that's what, not always just writing, but doing something and doing it in a professional quality.

Therefore, we have also created a video for you, which I think has turned out quite well, and of course we don't want to deprive you all of it:
So everyone also gets a visual insight.

So, here comes the video of the visit:

But now it's really over Here comes the final image.....

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