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News: Designing habitats with water - OASE at Interzoo 2022

The market leader staged inspiring aquariums, demonstrating the potential of its full aquaristic range. Within the framework of the world's leading trade fair Interzoo, OASE presented its complete range of aquaristic products for the first time. Visitors were able to experience innovative new products and existing solutions for living spaces designed with water in inspiring applications. The design and technology competence of the market leader OASE was thus impressively experienced at the level of the product and its use.

"We create the right flow" is the vision. Living spaces with water with water is one of OASE's primary goals. After the relaunch in autumn 2021, the OASE lifestyle was translated into the physical translated into the physical brand experience of a leading trade fair for the first time. of a leading trade fair. The global player from from NRW presented its full range of aquaristic products. The entire range of range of the OASE world was shown, including the biOrb range and numerous and numerous innovations.

CEO Thorsten Muck sees this year's show as an important milestone in the OASE roadmap: "At the strong evolution of our brand can be experienced at Interzoo 2022. experience. We have purposefully developed into a full-range supplier in the aquaristics. The intensive and consistent development work of the last few years is paying off. It is visible at all levels of the new technologies, innovative products and the emotional charging of the emotional charge of the brand make our massive efforts of recent years of the last few years. We are pursuing a systemic approach that can be experienced in the smart interplay of the products and enables people to experience a fascinating piece of nature. a fascinating piece of nature into their homes."


The product portfolio was shown on a completely renewed stand with a covering an area of over 300 square metres. The stand reflected OASE's claim to realise fascinating nature experiences in the living environment. living environment. The new stand design has been built around staged living worlds worlds, in which the intelligent combination of the products and their perfect and the perfect integration into the user's environment. was shown in an inspiring way. The trade was offered a wide range of suggestions as to how the the OASE lifestyle can be effectively translated to the point of sale.

Head of marketing Matthias Oetting explains this new approach: "We the deeply human search for unique experiences and moments in and with nature. and moments in and with nature. We bring the fascination of real worlds of experience into the private living environment. The smart technical solutions with design and a feeling for natural

OASE presented easy-to-handle solutions for beginners as well as fascinating fascinating aquariums for users with the highest demands on design and technology. Complete product solutions were shown for all complete product solutions for all levels: from aquariums and aquarium care products and fish food to the smart new OASE Control App for controlling for control. The various aquariums were designed by the well-known aquascaper Adrie Baumann, complemented by lighting effects. light displays.


The innovations included, for example, the fundamentally revised OASE Control App,
. which can be used to control aquaristic, water garden and biOrb products alike. products can be controlled. For the first time, the 360-degree care series AquariumActiv was shown for the first time. The innovative fish food ORGANIX rounded off the presentation. In addition, the biOrb range, completed by the biOrb EARTH terrarium. The first all-in-one terrarium from OASE offers, among other things, an integrated cooling function and was recently awarded the renowned iF DESIGN AWARD for its prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD for its outstanding design. With these and other new products and existing solutions, the company presented its and invited visitors to immerse themselves in the OASE water worlds. water worlds.

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