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The new OCEAN GUARD system aquarium from Aquaforest

In the course of a visit to Andrzej's saltwater house, we were able to take a closer look at the new Ocean Guard system aquarium from Aquaforest. This resulted in a video. You can find information about the system and everything else in the article.

The new system is available in 6 colours and sizes

60cm OG 275 litres,

90cm OG 435 litres,

120cm OG 605 litres,

150cm OG 790 litres,

180cm OG 980 litres,


You are welcome to view the individual specifications at Aquaforest.

First, the video, followed by info on the system:

The Ocean Guard by Aquaforest is described by the manufacturer as follows:

Modern technologies, combined with years of aquarium experience, allowed us to develop the AF Aquariums. Every element of this carefully designed set has been created according to the strictest quality standards. It is the result of collaboration between the best engineers and aquarists, with whom we have created the best reef solutions. We have chosen to use Optiwhite™ glass and black silicone, which has been specially developed for marine aquarium purposes and guarantees maximum waterproofness. The crystal clear glass does not distort colours, is easy to clean and increases scratch resistance. Pilkington Optiwhite™ is a low-iron, super-clear glass with no green tint, which is extremely important for marine aquariums with thick glass. The ultra-flat surface is guaranteed by the highest quality manufacturing process and ensures that there is no distortion, providing perfect conditions for observing your corals. The black overflow box, bottom and back glass guarantee high aesthetics. The removable weir comb is easy to clean and the noise-reducing cover makes the water flow almost inaudible. Professional foam ensures safety and allows easy installation of the aquarium on the cabinet. The appropriate thickness of the glass allowed us to create a rimless aquarium while ensuring excellent light transmission and full safety of the set. The Optiwhite™ glass, appreciated by aquarists all over the world, is mounted on a waterproof high-pressure hardwood plywood construction that guarantees high load-bearing capacity. AF aquarium kits reach our customers with a fully assembled support structure, saving you time and assuring you that it has been properly assembled and thoroughly tested. The specific requirements of marine aquariums have led us to choose technologies that meet the highest standards and requirements in marine vessel construction. It guarantees durability and safety, making the cabinet 10 times more durable than other products of this type available on the market. Marine yacht technology means that only waterproof materials are used that are resistant even in difficult conditions, such as humidity or heat. The construction has no weak points, besides the multi-layer pressed yacht plywood, we have paid attention to the smallest details, such as Japanese steel hinges and A2 stainless steel screws with increased durability. The minimalist design fits perfectly into any interior, and the removable, waterproof outer panels allow you to change the colour of the cabinet without dismantling or moving the aquarium. We have combined aesthetics with practicality, which is why we focus on convenience of use! The modern design allowed us to create the right amount of space for daily aquarium service, as well as a convenient shelf (e.g. for a dosing pump) and a place for a cooler. A solid PVC sump mounted on vibration-damping foam adds the finishing touch. We chose PVC instead of glass, not only for its great look, but also for its supreme durability and waterproofing. The modern design of the sump also includes water level markings to make it easier to adjust the units. We have equipped the cascade chambers with filter socks that can be replaced with Aquaforest media reactors at any time. The non-return valve prevents water from flowing into the sump, e.g. in the event of a circulating pump failure or a temporary power cut. The pipe diameters adapted to the needs of the advanced aquarium hobby guarantee a large system capacity and thus a much more efficient filtration. All pipework elements have been developed for the needs of marine aquariums, you can assemble them quickly and most importantly - without gluing! We have used solid bulkheads with large diameters to prevent even the smallest micro-leaks. A precise gate valve allows you to easily adjust the water level.


Guaranteed safety no compromise on quality

- applied marine yacht technology professional installation and thorough testing

- Hardwood plywood construction is supplied assembled heavy duty joints, screws and hinges only waterproof materials

- no deformations or deflections correct glass thickness and silicone for reefing purposes created up to 10 times more durable!

EXPERIENCE-BASED SOLUTIONS TO MAKE YOUR CORALS GOOD developed by top aquarists who want to share their success with others we know what matters

- Efficient filtration guaranteed by appropriate pipe diameters High-quality gate valves for precise water level adjustment Solutions designed to provide an optimal habitat for even the most demanding corals Easy to clean and maintain Intelligently designed cascade chambers to support the filtration process Always be prepared

- in the event of a power failure, a non-return valve prevents water from flowing into the sump ULTRALEISE FOR YOUR MAXIMUM COMFORT Anti-vibration foam on both the sump and the display Self-levelling drain with sound-absorbing overflow cover Intelligently designed sump chambers to reduce water flow noise Precise water level control and noise suppression through gate valves


the highest transparency OptiWhite does not distort colours, easier to keep clean durable, rimless, with black silicone tested for years by marine aquarists appropriate thickness allows to do without reinforcements black overflow, bottom and back glass transition made of special aquarium silicone professional anti-vibration foam


long-life PVC sump with its own hydraulics high system performance guaranteed by appropriate pipe diameters cascade chambers with filter socks (interchangeable with AF media reactors) quick installation of piping, no gluing required! Emergency line (revision) and quality slider for precise adjustment self-levelling, quiet flow check valve prevents water from flowing into the sump

CABINET (cabinet)

10 times more durable than other cabinets Construction made of waterproof, high-density plywood, does not swell, does not absorb water, does not deform tall cabinet offers sufficient space

Hinges made of high quality Japanese stainless steel (salt and chemical resistant) minimalist design assembled by Aquaforest, guarantee of correct assembly and safety waterproof with removable outer panels (change the appearance of the cabinet without moving the aquarium or disassembling the cabinet) outer panels with laser painting provide UV resistance for 20 years, guaranteed no fading! ultra strong A2 stainless steel screws regulated feet to perfectly level the cabinet.

You can find more information about the systems at the following link:

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