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The Mangrove Box from Mainriff

Thanks to the new mangrove box from Mainriff, growing mangroves is significantly less problematic than ever. Read more in the article.

As some of you may have noticed, it has been a bit quieter for us since the beginning of the year!
For 2016, with a new plastics processor and Michael from OceanElements, we have set our sights on tackling "problem solvers and tools" as well as products for (coral and fish) breeding.

As with our flushing system for the adsorbers, some of these products will also find their way into the patent office!

First and foremost, we will tackle the recurring problems in handling the aquarium with the tools! - You may be curious!

To kick things off, you can now get mangrove boxes from and created by us, of course more products will follow in the coming weeks/months.

Reviews and wishes are of course welcome!

Mangrove box

Height: 17,5cm
Total width: 13,5cm
Ø tube: 8 cm

Thanks to our mangrove box, growing mangroves is less problematic than ever.
Simply attach the mangrove box to a pane, regardless of whether the pane is high or transverse, for both variants the corresponding holder is available on the mangrove box, e.g. directly in the aquarium or also for use in the overflow shaft.

The seedling can sprout undisturbed and also filter nutrients out of the aquarium water.
We also offer the mangroves, of course, all together as a set at a special price

Everything is now available in our shop and, of course, also in our online shop.

If you have any questions, please contact us as usual

With salty greetings



We are not sea, we are sustainable!
- Specialized trade for ökologische sea water aquaristics -

Christoph Klose
Almosenrain 7
97753 Karlstadt / Laudenbach


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